Three intro videos on Bitcoin

I recently shot three intro videos on the topic of Bitcoin. The idea is to understand the basics. I devoted a considerable amount of my International Finance course to cryptofinance. I have a detailed slide deck that is available on … Continue reading

Roman Centurions and the Price of Gold Today

On August 23, 2011, the price of gold reached $1,913.50. Today the price is $1,450 – a drop of over 25%. What is going on? Why should we care?

The Downgrade of France

On November 19, 2012, Moody’s downgraded France one notch from Aaa to Aa1. There are two key questions: why did it take so long? and why only downgrade one notch?

Four New Videos Posted

I just posted four new videos to my youtube channel, The Garden of Econ. The videos are from a live session that dealt with the state of the economy, the fiscal cliff, and the U.S. Federal Reserve. The Fiscal Cliff, … Continue reading

QE3 is a Mistake

The Fed made a mistake today in launching QE3. This is not just my opinion. It is the overwhelming opinion of America’s CFOs. In the Duke University-CFO Magazine Global Business Outlook Survey released September 10, 2012, we asked a key … Continue reading

CFOs: Lower Rates via QE3 Will Not Spur Corporate Investment

I hope members of the FOMC will read this before their meeting on Thursday. The Duke-CFO Survey, released on September 11, 2012, provides sharp, new evidence that QE3 will not stimulate economic growth. CFOs clearly tell us (647 of 667 … Continue reading

QE Won’t Work This Time

There are two upcoming FOMC meetings: July 31-August 1, 2012 and September 12-13, 2012. With high likelihood, we will see another round of Quantitative Easing – or QE. Economists are split as to whether there would be any real benefit … Continue reading

Wrong time, wrong place for floating rate debt

Testifying before Congress back in 1993, when interest rates were 7.5%, I advocated shifting some of the Federal debt to floating rate debt. If the Treasury had shifted half of the debt to floating rate at that time, they would … Continue reading

Confronting Global Risks

I am doing a live Webinar on April 11, 2012 at 11:00am ET. It is called Confronting Global Risks. There is a preparatory video that is available here. The live session will take your questions. The basic topics are: I … Continue reading

Treating the Symptoms

A massive €530 billion liquidity injection occurred in Europe today in the form of LTRO. This helicopter drop does not solve the Eurozone’s problems: it merely delays them. The ECB is treating the symptoms not the disease.