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That’s Not a Stress Test

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We finally got the information on the stress tests. The government will consider two scenarios: baseline and worst case. The goal of the stress test is to see if banks have the capital to weather a darker storm. However, and … Continue reading


You hear the buzz about the nationalization of Citi? What does this mean? The U.S. government has dropped $45 billion of cash on Citi and another $250b in debt backstops (guarantees). There is talk of converting some of the $45b … Continue reading

The Treasury Fiasco – 3 Video Blogs

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Here are three new video blogs. 1) Bank CEOs Testify before Congress Eight bank CEOs appeared before Congress on February 11, 2009 to explain how their institutions used the TARP funds they received in 2008. I comment on their testimony … Continue reading

Fragile International Banks

The international banking system is at great risk in the current environment. This week Fortis shareholders rejected a takeover offer. This puts the whole country of Beligium at risk. Fortis’ assets are more than 200% of the GDP of Beligium. … Continue reading

The Ghost of Paulson-Past

What we saw yesterday was more of the same. I was flabbergasted that the plan was so light on details. They have had 3 months to put something together and the best they could deliver is a 7-page fact sheet. … Continue reading

The Long-Term Cost of the Credit Crisis

Many economists argue that recessions are a good thing. How is that possible? Well, recessions give companies the excuse to lay off unproductive workers – both blue and white collar and make other tough decisions that make the firm stronger … Continue reading