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Four interviews

Obama scorecard President Obama means well and is doing a great job in many areas. However, I fear that we are perpetuating the same policies of the previous administration when it comes to the financial sector. It is simply not … Continue reading

Green Shoots and Agent Orange

Agent Orange

At best, we have seen a pause in the economic decline. It is too early to call a trough. Surging unemployment will act like Agent Orange on those “green shoots”. While we have every reason to be worried about a … Continue reading

Hemorrhaging Jobs

The losses are staggering. If the pace of January and February continued through the year, we would lose 8.4 million jobs in 2009. That is unlikely, but it will be ugly. Consider the following facts. The percentage job losses have … Continue reading

That’s Not a Stress Test

Image courtesy of flickr/Stuart Crawford

We finally got the information on the stress tests. The government will consider two scenarios: baseline and worst case. The goal of the stress test is to see if banks have the capital to weather a darker storm. However, and … Continue reading