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Hemorrhaging Jobs

The losses are staggering. If the pace of January and February continued through the year, we would lose 8.4 million jobs in 2009. That is unlikely, but it will be ugly. Consider the following facts. The percentage job losses have … Continue reading

Unemployment Fast Forward

Image courtesy of flickr/Daquella Manera

The unemployment rate in December 2008 was 7.2%. We heard that initial claims for unemployment were greater than expected last week. What does this mean? As usual, it is difficult to navigate the data. We were told there were 589,000 … Continue reading

Unemployment and Recessions

“The worst job numbers since 1945”, we heard from CNN this morning. Well, that is not true. Today is different from 1945 for two reasons. First, our population is much larger. Second, there was an important technical factor — WWII … Continue reading